Rejuvenation techniques



INJECTIONSThose concerned by the appearance of their first expression lines can have them eliminated for a certain time. The medical name of this treatment is botulinum toxin. The term “Botox” has quickly become a generic term, but in fact, it is a trade name. First introduced in France in 2003, it is now used in aesthetic medicine. This toxin has long been used to treat ophthalmology, neurology and ENT disorders.

Botulinum toxin is part of the neurotoxin family. It is produced by a bacterium, clostridum botulinum, which blocks the nerve paths. Under the skin, the nerves produce and transport acetylcholine, which enables muscle contraction. Botulinum toxin prevents this substance from spreading, thus forming a blockade, effectively paralysing the muscle. In the injection areas, the skin is smoothed and tightened. Botulinum toxin is thus particularly effective for expression lines. It is generally recommended for “lion” wrinkles between the eyebrows, as well as lines on the forehead, and crows’ feet in the corners of the eyes.

Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent volumiser to re-sculpt cheeks, lips and the oval of the face, restoring energy and vitality to the skin. Imperfections and lines can be corrected with a single intradermal injection of hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is present naturally in the dermis. It is an essential component of the structure of the skin, enabling hydration of the tissues.

As the skin ages, the quality of this hyaluronic acid deteriorates and there is less of it, resulting in alteration of the dermis. The skin becomes dry, fine lines then wrinkles appear. The cheeks, cheekbones and lips lose their substance. Its volumising and moisturising effects allow the hyaluronic acid to fill the lines, thus restoring the volume of the face. Hyaluronic acid is not allergenic and is fully absorbable.

The injections cause mild pain. Your doctor may propose a local anaesthetic (anaesthetising cream), if necessary.

Redness, slight swelling or bruising may appear in the injection area. These unpleasant effects do not last long and can be easily disguised.

The aesthetic results are immediate and very natural. There is no need downtime. The effects last for between 6 and 12 months and vary according to age, skin quality and lifestyle. After the session, a repair cream must be applied: K Ceutic by Dermaceutic.

A history of certain pathologies may represent contraindications to this treatment (auto-immune diseases, allergies, inflammatory or infectious disorders, etc.). Consultation with a doctor experienced in aesthetic medicine is essential to ensure safe treatment.