Rejuvenation techniques


Dermabrasion is a mechanical technique that erodes the uppermost layers of the skin. This technique is carried out by a specialist, under local anaesthetic.

DERMABRASIONIt enables excellent results, particularly on lines around the lips, or to treat scars left by acne.

After the passage of a mechanical brush, the superficial layers of the epidermis disappear, forcing the skin to regenerate, allowing a new, smoother, firmer skin to appear. The after-effects of dermabrasion are serious, since the skin has no epidermis for a week, bringing an unpleasant sensation.

Dermabrasion is not suitable for all skin types and your doctor will select the most appropriate technique for your specific situation. The after-effects are the same as those of skin smoothing laser treatments, and the same precautions are necessary. Exposure to the sun must be avoided for several months after treatment.