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Painya butter


What is it ?

Originally from West Africa, also called kpangnan butter, painya butter is the soothing and moisturizing ally of pretty skin. Obtained by pressing seeds from the tree Pentadesma Butyracea, which grows in African forests, painya butter is the cousin of shea butter. It differs in particular by a more neutral smell and a touch less sticky and granular.

Attributs ?

They are many. It is one of the few ingredients naturally rich in stigmasterol (with anti-inflammatory properties), spinasterol (which stimulates cells) and tocopherol (vitamin E). It also contains omega-9.

Who ?

Anti-inflammatory, soothing, regenerating, healing, antioxidant and emollient, Painya butter is recommended for dry skin, dehydrated, damaged, irritated, as well as mature skin. It can also be used in preventive care of stretch marks. It can finally be used on dry hair. Be careful however, people allergic to latex or nuts can make a reaction to Painya butter.

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