Sonia, 32 – Dark skin

After my second pregnancy, spots appeared on my forehead and cheeks. After multiple treatments with depigmentation creams, no results were obtained. So, I went to see my dermatologist and she recommended me a depigmentation peel. 1 month after the peeling, the spots didn’t seem decreased, so she gave me a second application. As we go along, it seemed that the spots on my cheeks were lessened and also on my forehead. I’m really happy to have finally found a solution. My spots have almost disappeared and my skin is much more beautiful, I even feel like rejuvenated.

Lisa, 43 – Pigment spots

After hours in the sun without much protection, spots appeared on my upper lip and forehead. My aesthetic doctor offered to make me a peeling and some LED sessions. As the spots were recent, it just took the 2 applications and a few sessions to remove these spots and get a real stunt of my complexion.

Léana, 43 – Retinol

I was afraid that retinol stings me but this serum did not, not even around the eyes. Activ Retinol 0.5 of Dermaceutic is very fluid and penetrates very well into my skin. Its texture, non-greasy and pleasant, allows me to superimpose my day cream without problems. For 20 days I use it, I already feel that my wrinkles are less visible, my skin more hydrated and my complexion more radiant. It really is a great supplement to my daily schedule.

Valérie, 42 – Combined techniques

Following hyaluronic acid injections, my aesthetic doctor advised me the Lightening Peel of Eneomey. I prepared my skin with the Daylight C20, Stim Renew 8 and Soft Cleanser. I am really delighted with the result, really stunning. Too bad that the Phytic Cream has no fragrance. My face is bright, my spots are reduced and my wrinkles too. It’s really great, I recommend it to everyone. A simple and effective safely protocol.

Nathalie, 39 – Radiance

I have normal to combination skin, with expression lines marked on the forehead and cheeks. I tried to get a global stunt, smoother skin with fine lines and pores less marked. During the peeling, I felt a slight tingling sensation, very tolerable. My face was a little pink in the few hours following the act, as if I had taken a sunburn. I immediately returned to work. The feeling has subsided the next day, thanks to the application of the K Ceutic, Dermaceutic. I maintain the effects with the C25 Cream of Dermaceutic, every morning and Hyal Ceutic every night.

Lucie, 65 – Cleavage

After a lot of sunbathing without a daily moisturising, my cleavage showed a crumpled aspect. To resolve this, I have tried many creams meant to smooth my skin, but nothing worked. Perfect Body 30, Eneomey, boast some convincing results.
For a few weeks, I use it morning and night and I must admit that my skin is more flexible but also more stretched, as ironed. In addition, I have a much softer skin and my pigmentation is more homogeneous.

Inge, 58 – Chelated Lotion

Three months ago, my doctor make me a Chelated Lotion. The next day, my face was swollen and I really peeled, but it faded gradually. About ten days later, I rediscover a beautiful glowing skin and my wrinkles have disappeared. One inconvenience : I have to be very careful not to expose myself to the sun, even with a SPF 50. Despite that, three months later, I’m still happy with the result!

Delphine, 41 – Product review

For 2 months, I use Stim Renew 15, Eneomey and I can not live without it because it brings multiple results: reduced acne or even completely disappeared, clarity of complexion, the skin is firmer and more toned, and dark circles under eyes are gone !

Claudine, 52 – Lunch Peel

I know the technic of peels for a long time and I do it regularly. The inconvenience is that I work a lot and I mostly finished late. The ideal for me is to do a peel during my lunch break. My dermatologist proposed me the Milk Peel and assured me that the suites were discreet. I tried and I am convinced! I returned to my work right after and since, I have the most luminous complexion and a more beautiful skin quality.

Alexandra, 30 – Acne

I always had a great skin, no particular problems. Still, it is when I turned 30 years that I began to have acne and I have a complex about it. Seeing that the products I was using giving me no result, I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist. He made a peel like a clay mask to clean my skin and refine the stratum corneum. I made it 4 at 15 days apart and I am very satisfied.