Active molecules

Vitamin E


What is Vitamin E ?

Vitamin E is known to nutrition enthusiasts; it is also one of the key ingredients of the bathroom, where it occupies an important role to protect skin from free radicals. Essential for our body, vitamin E is a fat-soluble substance whose primary function is to protect cell membranes and red blood cells against oxidative substances. They are mainly found in vegetable oils and nuts.

What are the attributes
of Vitamin E?

In cosmetics, vitamin E is known for its anti-aging properties and its action against the photo aging because it prevents rancidity of fats from the skin. It also stimulates cutaneous microcirculation. In addition, its use can extend the life of products.



Who is
Vitamin E for ?

Allied of dry or mature skin, it can be used daily. It makes the skin soft, thanks to its emollient and moisturizing powers. It has no real contraindications, regardless of the age of the user. This molecule is suitable for all people who want to regain a toned and firmed skin.

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